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"We are a sanctioned Evergreen Region USA Volleyball Club striving to give junior players an opportunity to excel in the sport, while learning valuable life skills based on teamwork, respect for self and others."

North Idaho Volleyball Club PHILOSOPHY

Our  Expectations:



We expect our players to be:

  • Coachable 

  • Engaged & Attentive 

  • Competitive

  • Motivated

  • Punctual 

  • Respectful 


Our players are expected to give maximum effort, both physically and mentally at all times.  If a player notices a teammate is giving less than 100% then they must hold their teammate accountable and, in a respectful and appropriate manner, encourage them to give 100%.  


Competitiveness is a skill that is expected and will be taught by our staff.  Clearly, winning is not our only measure of success but is a skill that can and will be addressed.


Our players are expected to be properly dressed, equipped, and on time to every event.  To further define properly dressed: 

  • Players should have their hair pulled back and banded.  

  • Sleeved shirt (either short or long sleeve) - no crop tops.  

  • Volleyball specific knee pads are preferred.  

  • Spandex or gym shorts.  

  • Volleyball or court shoes (no black soled shoes) required.


To further define on time, this means they should arrive at practice in time to be physically ready (stretching on their own) to start practice on time.  They also must arrive early enough to assist with set up so that practice can start on time. 


Missing practice is strongly discouraged.  Players and parents are encouraged to plan ahead and try to ensure that the players attend every practice possible.  We understand that there will be exceptions that can cause a player to miss practice.  In those cases, please communicate with the coach well in advance - a minimum of 24 hours is necessary.  We expect our players to utilize their time management skills to ensure attendance at practice except when emergencies arise.


When coaches or other teammates are speaking, players are expected to listen, make eye contact with that person and be respectful at all times.


It is expected that players exemplify and demonstrate good sportsmanship towards their team as well as the other team across the net. We want to promote “team players.”





We expect our coaches to be:

  • Engaged

  • Passionate

  • Committed 

  • Knowledgeable

  • Communicative

  • Competitive

  • Organized

  • Prepared

  • Uncompromising

  • Respectful

  • Consistent


We will be on time, prepared, and properly equipped for each practice, scrimmage and/or tournament.


We will hold our players accountable by creating a culture based on an expectation of excellence. We will lead by example and promote good sportsmanship.


Goals and expectations will be set not only for the season, but for each tournament, practice, and individual drill.  


We will set challenging goals, expectations, and clearly communicate these to our players.  We will hold them accountable immediately and expect maximum efforts towards achieving these goals by praising effort and not accepting less.  


Feedback on our team’s performance as a whole and to individual players after each event will be given and will include both praise of accomplishment and identification of areas for improvement.


We will communicate our knowledge and love for the game to each and every player that walks into the gym.

Welcome to the North Idaho Volleyball Club. We are proud to be part of the United States Volleyball Association. The USAV has divided the nation into 40 geographic regions.
Each region's goal is to offer the USAV
experience. We are part of the Evergreen
Region, which is comprised of the
geographic area of Eastern Washington,
Northern Idaho, and the state of
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