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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is club volleyball?

A: Club volleyball is an opportunity for volleyball players of varying ability to continue their development past the fall school season.


Q:  How do I know what age group my daughter falls into?

A: In a nutshell, it is based on how old your child will be on September 1st before club season begins, which is in November. As a guide, the U18 division typically consists of high school seniors and juniors, the U16 division consists of sophomores and freshman, the U14 division is middle school aged students, and the U12 division is 6th to 3rd graders.


Q:  When and where are matches played?

A:  Tournaments are held on weekends, mostly in the Spokane area. Regular evergreen tournaments are typically a one-day format, while regional and national tournaments are either two-day or three-day events. Each day of a tournament is an all-day affair typically starting about 8:00 and ending around 5:00pm with teams playing multiple matches in a day.


Q:  How long is a club season?

A:  A regular club season starts with tryouts in mid-November with practices beginning in December continuing through to Regionals in late April. Post season begins after Regionals in late April and continues through to Nationals in early July.


Q:  What is the time commitment for a player?

A:  Practices for the upper teams can be anywhere from 4 to 6 hours a week, mid level teams are typically 4 hours a week, and youth teams are around 3 hours a week.  We try and have 8 tournaments, including regionals and one national qualifier scheduled for each team.


Q: When and where are practices held?

A:  Facilities in our small community are very hard to come by in the months of January and February. Unfortunately we can not guaranty any specific locations or times in advanced. We do try to keep practices within the Sandpoint Middle School, Farmin/Stidwell Elementary, and Kootenai Elementary schools.


Q:  Is it possible to play school sports during the Club season?

A: YES, SVBC encourages and promotes multi-sport athletes. Most collegiate coaches will tell you they prefer a well-rounded student-athlete and not one that is "burned out" on a particular sport. Communication with club coaches regarding other sport schedules is vital.



Q:  If I have any other questions, who do I contact?

A:  You can always write us an email through the "contact us" portion of this website.


Q:  Are you looking for volunteers?

​A:  We are always looking for volunteers to help with our club, weather if its with fundraising, team management, general duties, etc. Please contact us at any time if you are interested or have any questions.


Q:  How much does Sandpoint Volleyball Club cost?

A:  Fees and Tuitions vary within the club based on how many tournaments a team participates in, what kind and location of the tournaments, and how long their season lasts. SVBC is also committed to the goal that no deserving athlete will be prevented from being in the club for lack of funds.

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